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Our editor is going to play (“Our Skin Is Going to Gray, d. Ivan Bakrac, 2014)


During Divan Film & Food Festival, the Cine Caravan attended a workshop “In/Outside the Editing Room”, held by Aleksandra Milovanovic, a teacher at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. The 5 critics were supposed to apply the knowledge obtained at the workshop by writing an analysis of a film seen in Cetate. Although the …

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Belgrade cinema spirit


After attending Divan Film and Food Festival, The Cine Caravan traveled for a short event in Belgrade, Belgrade Film(e)scape, organized by the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (prof. Nevena Dakovic and prof. Aleksandra Milovanovic) and Film Center Serbia. The program of the event was a nice blend of learning about film and exploring the Serbian capital. …

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Tirana film experience


During three days of November, The 5C Project Cine Karavan traveled to Tirana for our last official project event. The time spent in Tirana was a pleasant exploration of the local culture and current film tendencies as well as the city’s history and the history of Albanian cinema. With the help of our wonderful tour …

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Shooting Star: A lost fairy tale


Lyubo Yonchev’s subtle family drama depicts the consequences of an unintentional crime committed by Martin, a teenage boy. While we expect Martin to deal with the crime, the director cleverly betrays our expectations, leaving Lilly, Martin’s mother, to suffer all the consequences. Primarily, this film relies on what is known to be the common denominator …

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Divan film, food, drink and friendship festival


Forget all about classy, glamorous film festivals, red carpets, and fancy awards. A film festival can certainly be amazing without any of those standard festival elements, especially if the films are combined with other enjoyable activities. It is difficult to describe Divan Film Festival to someone who has never been to Cetate, an ex port in …

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Dear cinephiles, now you can make your own contribution to the Balkan cinema!


Cinema is a live communication between the audience and the authors. In order to make that communication stronger by presenting the audience with some long forgotten films, The Albanian Cinema Project works on the preservation of Balkan films  through their latest initiative. They are actively forging alliances with media archives from the Western Balkans, with all …

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Deep Inebriation: Lordan Zafranovic’s Concert (1965)


Before a viewer dents to any film by Lordan Zafranovic made in his early years, especially before his academic days and professional career, there are a few things to think about. It has been more than fifty years since Zafranovic has made his first cinematic steps in his hometown, Split. A lot of things have …

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Ivan Velisavljevic: The best film criticism is creation, education and communication at the same time

Source: Before After

Reading Ivan Velisavljevic’s biography may make you think he is a man who constantly writes and rarely sleeps. He has graduated from two faculties, departments of dramaturgy and literature, he has contributed to many publications and websites, he wrote and co-directed documentary road movie The Road to High Earth (2006), he writes prose, poetry, and deals …

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Correction: Deafening Silence


Not so mysterious or tense in the plot, Thanos Anastopoulos’ second film Correction (2007) excites through other cinematic means. Highly developed visual language, almost independent from the minimally present dialogue, slowly unrolls the protagonist’s present, conditioned by his past. Yorgos, a Greek, stalks his ex-partner Ornela, an Albanian, and their daughter Savina, trying to reunite with them …

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