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The 5C Project program in Cetate

Divan Film Festival in the evening

The 5C Project caravan stops in Cetate for a three day event, organised by the Balkan Cultural Institute Association in collaboration with Divan Film Festival, and with the support of National Film Centre of Romania and of the Romanian Cultural Institute. The diverse programme includes feature and short film screenings, a Q&A session, two workshops …

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Deep Inebriation: Lordan Zafranovic’s Concert (1965)


Before a viewer dents to any film by Lordan Zafranovic made in his early years, especially before his academic days and professional career, there are a few things to think about. It has been more than fifty years since Zafranovic has made his first cinematic steps in his hometown, Split. A lot of things have …

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The Quiet Touch of Correction (2007)

A review of Thanos Anastopoulos’ 2007 drama, Correction (Diorthosi – original Greek title). Quietness is prominent in Thanos Anastopoulos’ 2007 drama Correction (Diorthosi – original Greek title). With its sparse dialogue and omission of a score (any non-diegetic sound for that matter until the very end), Correction may be quiet, but it manages to say …

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Correction: No Country for Immigrants

Interrogating the shifting identities of immigrants and their haters, Correction (Thanos Anastopoulos, 2007) has a documentary style handheld cinematography in its depiction of migration as a current socio-cultural as well as economic phenomenon. It focuses on two characters; an Albanian immigrant and an ultra-nationalist Greek in Greece. The main protagonist Yorgos’ ‘destruction’ of an Albanian person implies the destruction of his own identity and potentially future, which …

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The Act of Killing

On boredom, suppressed desire and mundane evil Only after seeing the black and white experimental miniature “Afternoon / Shotgun” (1967) by Lordan Zafranovic, I realized that its double-faced title contains the two possibly most accurate key words  describing the atmosphere and the action in the film. Unlike in classic narrative where the conflict usually emerges …

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Ivan Velisavljevic: The best film criticism is creation, education and communication at the same time

Source: Before After

Reading Ivan Velisavljevic’s biography may make you think he is a man who constantly writes and rarely sleeps. He has graduated from two faculties, departments of dramaturgy and literature, he has contributed to many publications and websites, he wrote and co-directed documentary road movie The Road to High Earth (2006), he writes prose, poetry, and deals …

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Correction: Deafening Silence


Not so mysterious or tense in the plot, Thanos Anastopoulos’ second film Correction (2007) excites through other cinematic means. Highly developed visual language, almost independent from the minimally present dialogue, slowly unrolls the protagonist’s present, conditioned by his past. Yorgos, a Greek, stalks his ex-partner Ornela, an Albanian, and their daughter Savina, trying to reunite with them …

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My film(s) in Split

There is a Romanian expression that translates something like “the films in your head”, meaning the way you perceive something happened, or the way you want/ fear it will happen. I have a more literal approach to this (as most people who spend a lot of their time watching films do): I look at people …

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Life from a Scratch

Some 10 years after reflection on the Greek film Correction (2007) by Thanos Anastopoulos An anonymous man alone with his guilt in an anonymous city. Although neither him, nor the place is left unnamed throughout the film, this is the emotional refrain that frames my personal perception of Correction. The story emerges slowly and hesitantly …

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